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The Mane Shop

Goddard High School Business teacher, Jim Zimmer sets a goal in his marketing class each year to promote school spirit. The Mane is an in-school store where students can purchase Goddard gear and goodies from.

Jim said, “This program has been created to give students in business classes a real-world experience in running a business. Many students have expressed a desire to engage in real business activity after testing their business ideas in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Accounting. Additionally, many students are looking for internship-type opportunities, but lack the ability to get those opportunities due to transportation or because the hours in their schedule conflict. This is an opportunity that alleviates both of these barriers.”

Kade Hackerott shares, “Myself, Meryt Ediger and Mr. Zimmer discovered this need last year while brainstorming in marketing. Promoting school spirit is a goal of ours in our marketing class every year. We believe creating an easily accessible place to purchase Goddard gear easier is a great way to enhance our business program and help us accomplish our goals! This program generates an opportunity that goes beyond book and worksheet learning and puts students in a position to genuinely experience all aspects of running a business. Once the funding for the school store is granted, The Mane will use these funds to become self-sufficient.”

Kade and fellow students, Meryt, Brooke, and Natalie, went on to talk about the leadership opportunities they have had running the store, money management training and so many other real-world situations that they otherwise wouldn’t have received until entering the workforce.

A variety of academic disciplines will be covered by this opportunity including math, English, leadership, and collaboration skills. Thank you to all the supporters of the Goddard Education Foundation for helping get The Mane up and running!