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Alternative Seating

Take a second and think about the place that you can be the most productive, comfortable, and collaborative. You probably didn’t think about sitting in a row of desks with bright florescent lights that most classrooms have today. Now imagine our children in 1st grade; they are wiggly and love to move.  

Thankfully, there is a way to support learners with a blend of flexibility and structure to ensure that their needs and preferences are being met. Ashley Thoreen, Amelia Earhart Elementary 1st grade teacher requested alternative seating in her classroom. The ultimate goal is to engage students on a daily basis and allow them to have the power to choose the best seating for them to be successful during the school day. 

Ashley said, “It is so much more than having new furniture and a cute classroom. It is a push toward a more student-facilitated 21st century learning model. One of the best things about this seating is it will be available to benefit students for years to come.” 

We are so proud to have teachers in USD 265 that go above and beyond to meet the growing needs of their students. We appreciate the donors of the Goddard Education Foundation that have contributed to the success of Goddard Public School’s teachers and students.