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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustee Officers


Jacquelyn Grant
Board of Trustee President – “When my husband and I moved our business to Kansas in 2004, we chose Goddard as our home mainly due to the excellence of the Goddard school district. Our children will have the unique opportunity to spend their entire K-12 careers in one school system. That is very important to us as a family, because neither my husband nor I had the same opportunity. I am honored and humbled to be part of the Goddard Education Foundation and will do everything I can to help these schools maintain their current status and exceed all expectations in the future.”

Tosha Klein

Board of Trustee Vice-President - “As a third-generation alumna, I have an entrenched loyalty to USD 265 because of the high-caliber education and lifelong support my family received. I am dedicated to building fundamental relationships with the business community and Goddard alum that fosters the same vision, to enhance world-class educational opportunities for everyone in the District, today and in the future. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. I can think of no greater legacy than to invest in the lives of the USD 265 families.” 

John Robb


Partner, Somers, Robb & Robb, Lawyers – “We entrust our children to the public education system to prepare them for life. What can be more important? I am happy to lend my time, energy and skill set to the Goddard Education Foundation to further this mission.”

Tara Jost


Business Manager – Tara Higgins Jost is a Wichita-area native who has spent most of her life in the Goddard community. Tara earned a BS in Business Management from Friends University. Tara and her husband Nathan work together in a Wichita family business and have loved raising both of their sons in Goddard Schools. Outside of the office, if she isn't cheering one of her sons in a local basketball or football game, you'll likely find Tara, running the streets of Goddard in preparation for her next race.  Tara is honored to give back to her community and excited to serve as the treasurer for the Goddard Education Foundation.


Board of Trustee Members

Gail Jamison

Goddard Board of Education – “I give to the foundation because it provides a unique opportunity to join with other partners in education who believe in the mission to provide opportunities for Goddard students in support of educational excellence and student success.”


Jerry Longabaugh

Community Member At-Large – “We see the need for an Education Foundation every day, and the opportunities that could be brought to life with the support of partners in education. The GEF is a catalyst for transforming the educational experiences of thousands of students.”


Lisa Farris

Board of Trustee Member – “As we watch what is happening with school funding, what better way to ensure our students and teachers have the resources needed for a top-notch education. Serving as a member of the GEF Board of Trustees gives me the opportunity to continue to serve the district in a meaningful way.”


Paul Fowler

Vice President & Trust Officer The Trust Company of Kansas –  “Over the last 40 years I have been a part of the Goddard school system in many different ways.  My involvement began as a student, but it continues as the son, husband and father of family members who served, or are serving, as teachers in the Goddard schools for almost 50 years of combined service.  I am honored to serve on the Board of Trustees and contribute my time and talent to help develop the financial resources for the foundation so the Goddard School District can maintain its reputation for excellence and remain strong for many years to come.”


Doug Griswold

Owner of G2 Systems Design – Engineering Consultant – “As a Goddard resident for decades and graduate of Goddard High School, I value the education I received and the community in which we live. My wife, Peggy, is a teacher in the district and our two sons also graduated from GHS. I have been a USD 265 Board of Education member as well, and value the opportunity to continue my service to the community and promote educational excellence by serving. The Foundation allows us the opportunity to assist and benefit the education community in many ways and is more important than ever to assist our students and teachers to the benefit of education.”


Justin Henry

Superintendent, Goddard Public Schools – “The mission of Goddard Public Schools is to educate all students for lifelong success. In order to achieve this mission, it takes strong partnerships. The partnership and support of the Goddard Education Foundation, is so important in this process. This foundation makes our goal of providing  world-class learning opportunities to our students and staff a reality!”


Nicole Hawkins

Goddard Board of Education  As a mother of four attending the Goddard School District, I have observed that each looks at what education can offer them differently. The challenge for K-12 districts is to keep all students engaged to graduate and become successful citizens. Education Foundations can be vital to the success of any district and I am proud to assist the Goddard Education Foundation in its efforts to provide exceptional opportunities to our students.“ 


Kevin McWhorter

Goddard Board of Education – “I believe all students have the right to have resources available to give each of them the best opportunity to learn and reach their maximum potential. As adequate State funding of schools is unreliable, School Foundations are becoming more and more important as part of the solution to ensure all students have the resources available to succeed.”


Tom Borrego
Butler Community College Foundation, Executive Director and Special Assistant to the President. – “As the first person in my family to receive a college and graduate education, I understand the value of a quality primary and secondary education.  Creating partnerships with the community to enhance a public education is what will distinguish this district from others.  I am encouraged that the leadership of District USD 265 has created this Foundation to encourage others to support one of its most important assets; students.”

Dr. Amanda Harter
Harter Physical Therapy​  – “It was the investment of the teachers and staff of the Goddard school district that equipped me with the foundation of education and life skills necessary to flourish after high school and to succeed in achieving my academic goals. My husband and I chose to return to Goddard to open our physical therapy clinic to offer our services to the district and community that gave so much to me. I would be honored to give my time and energy to the Goddard Education Foundation to continue working to enrich educational opportunities that ultimately prepare students for lifelong success.”


Matt Cavanaugh

Principal of Clark Davidson Elementary School – “I have been blessed to be a part of Goddard Public Schools as a student, teacher, and administrator. I now find myself in the fortunate position of being a Trustee of the Goddard Education Foundation. I am grateful to serve in different capacities and look forward to this opportunity to enhance the learning opportunities for all Goddard students, staff, and schools.”  


The purpose of the Foundation is to function exclusively as a charitable educational not-for-profit corporation.  The object is to solicit, receive, and provide resources for the benefit and support of the Goddard School District.  The Foundation is not organized for profit, or organized to engage in an activity ordinarily carried on for profit, and no part of its net earnings will insure to the benefit of any member or individual associated with the Foundation.

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