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Jackie Chambers

Ukuleles for Music

Because of the generosity of Goddard Education Foundation donors, Inspiring Minds and Expanding Possibilities look and sound a lot different in the Oak Street Elementary music classes. With the help of an Innovative Teacher Grant, Jackie Chambers was able to supply her 3rd and 4th-grade classes with Ukuleles. 

 Mrs. Chambers says, “Ukuleles bring such joy to anyone that plays them. You can't help but smile when you are listening to children create music in new ways. Ukuleles will add more instrument opportunities in the elementary classroom that will help prepare them for band or orchestra in the future. Out of 60 4th graders, at least 30 of them have gone out and had their parents buy a Ukulele so they can play at home. Not only are we engaging the students in new ways at school but engaging them in new ways at home as well.” 

Ukuleles are an exciting addition to the modern Music Classroom that has been shown to spark student interest in the world of music but also contribute to their learning and better focus in the general classroom. The concentration on the 4th-grade students’ faces as they learned the new instruments reminds us all we are never too old to learn new skills. Expanding opportunities often start in classrooms like Mrs. Chambers where she strives to create a music environment that stays current with the music world and inspires students' future interests.