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Science Resources

Corey Flax, Science Teacher at Goddard Middle School, has seen the way his classroom is evolving with the times. He said, “Our science department continues to modify and refine our curriculum and instruction to better meet the needs of our students.” He has designed innovative projects and needed more materials to equip more students at one time. One piece of equipment that has become very useful is a new document camera which allows Mr. Flax to post lessons online. 

He said, “Students are diverse and have different learning needs. They do not all work at the same pace, and they all learn differently. Providing students with on-demand resources will provide them an innovative opportunity to access the resources at their own pace and wherever they have access to a device and wi-fi. Learning will be enhanced because each individual student will have more control of when, where, and how they access education resources.” 

Thank you to the donors of the Goddard Education Foundation for supporting our Innovative Teacher Grant Program!