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Tommy Beason

Hands-On Science

At Goddard Academy, Inspiring Minds and Expanding Possibilities looks a little WILD in Tommy Beason’s Science class! With the help of an Innovative Teacher Grant, Mr. Beason, a Goddard Academy Science teacher, was able to provide a hands-on experience for his students in learning Anatomy. “Dissection has been a standardized practice in high school science classrooms for generations, but the goal of this program is to utilize this process to spark interest in science for my students. Attending an alternative high school or virtual program makes laboratory experiences difficult to replicate, but this program is geared to connect the two and provide a chance for students to “unplug” and then “plug in” to science,” shared Beason.

Students were able to do just that. Mr. Beason gave a dynamic demonstration, with the aid of lab quality sharks, that helped jumpstart students' lessons on anatomy. Students were able to see firsthand while exploring their donor sharks the power of how body systems work, a unique learning experience for our Goddard Academy students. “It is something we’ve never seen before. It’s exciting and something I’m definitely interested in learning more about,” Tori Treadwell, a Junior at Goddard Academy. 

This was an experience that the students in Mr. Beason’s science class will be talking about for decades to come. Thank you, Mr. Beason, for your dedication to creating opportunities for students to engage,  learn where they are, and promote another outlet for Goddard Academy science students to experience a staple high school science activity.