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Cue Robots

Young inspiring minds in Mr. Mann’s 5th/6th Grade Project Lead the Way class is expanding opportunities using robots at Challenger Intermediate School. With an innovative teacher grant, Mr. Mann purchased five additional robots to add to his classroom collection of seven total. 

The laughter and excitement were contagious in Mr. Mann’s classroom as the students worked together in groups of 3-4 to code, program, and operate the new robots. Eli Dobbs, a 5th-grade student, shared, “It was so cool. It changes colors, moves around, talks to you, and you can tell it what to say. It is completely different than anything I’ve ever got to do.” This innovative teacher grant will provide students with new experiences and allow them to take beginner coding skills to the next level. 

“Programming is all around us. By the time these 5th graders graduate from high school, many jobs will be directly available to them if they have a background in coding. By having Cue Robots, we can grow and develop our students’ abilities to code new and necessary programs,” said Mr. Mann.  Mr. Mann hopes these experiences will inspire students to continue to engage in future Project Lead The Way classes at the middle school and high school levels and create opportunities in coding even beyond their Goddard Public Schools Education.