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Enrichment Bins

Congratulations to Kaleigh Kear, 5th grade math teacher at Challenger Intermediate, for receiving a 2021 Goddard Education Foundation Teacher Grant!  

Kaleigh said, “Enrichment bins are an opportunity to give students a voice and allow them to engage in enriching activities at their level. In my classroom, students are given a ‘Math Menu’ with required items that they ‘have’ to do and items that they ‘get’ to do, when done. As I reflect on this menu, I feel there were plenty of activities for students to do at their academic level, but I needed to implement more hands-on items for them to ‘get’ to do. Teachers know that providing opportunities for students to think outside the box, brainstorm and problem solve are skills essential to their success in future years. The challenge comes from not having enough resources to provide hands-on, engaging activities that allow all learners to participate with.” 

The donors of the Goddard Education Foundation have made possible for Kaleigh’s students to get innovative, thank you!