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Cooking Up Experiences

Innovative Teacher Grants provide Goddard students, like those in Mrs. Easter’s mixed abilities class, the opportunity to grow in their knowledge, confidence, and inspire their future goals. Abby Easter is passionate about not only offering her students their extended state standards but the life skill instruction that her students deserve. 

With the help of her 2022 Innovative Teacher Grant, Cooking Up Experiences will be a program implemented in Mrs. Easters' classroom curriculum for years to come. This program will allow for real-life training experiences to help teach lifelong skills to her students. Skills that include food preparation, cooking, measuring ingredients, setting a table, filling salt and pepper shakers, doing dishes, and so much more. The excitement and confidence were evident in Mrs. Easter’s students. The students took pride in preparing food, decorating for their “Fiesta Lunch”, taking classmates' orders, and setting their place at the table.  “We have been playing pretend for the last few years, so getting these supplies will really take the lessons to a more realistic level that my students need to be successful in other settings, including their homes, shared Mrs. Easter.” 

Thank you, Mrs. Easter, and the Goddard Education Foundation supporters for not only “Cooking up Experiences” for our USD #265 students but for providing innovative opportunities that challenge, grow, and prepare students for success inside and outside of the classroom.