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All Blue Program

One of the unique ways Mr. Albin inspires his students in the Weight Lifting class at Goddard High School is through his All Blue Program. 

The All Blue Program provides incentive, dedication, and a little competitive drive to his classes. Each student starts with a goal card with four different lifts they monitor and three different records for each lift. When they break a record, the color of the marker changes, the first color is black, red, green,  then finally BLUE! When they have broken 36 (3 colors x 12 records) records, they are ALL BLUE and earn an ALL BLUE program T-shirt, provided by Mr. Albins Innovative Teacher Grant.

Mr. Albin currently has over 150 kids that have gone ALL BLUE so far this school year and added this “I have seen an increase in effort and excitement in my classes since launching this program, the goal boards on the walls of the weight room are living records of what they have and will achieve. From our strongest seniors to our brand new weights students, all can compete and succeed in the All Blue Program.” Students in his class would say going ALL BLUE is less about the t-shirt and more about their ability to set goals, persevere, and accomplish greatness.