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Stand Up Desks

On behalf of ALL the supporters of the Goddard Education Foundation, we want to congratulate Linda Oller, 5th grade teacher at Challenger Intermediate School, for going above and beyond to write an innovative teacher grant to support her students this school year.

Standing UP for Learning! 

Linda said, “My classroom is comprised of students who have many needs for movement. This year, with COVID regulations, I have seen student fatigue increase because they are limited by the amount of movement that can take place in a classroom. Stand up desks will accommodate any student in the classroom who needs that rise from fatigue at any moment. This will allow students to continue focusing on the task, while positioning their body in what is most comfortable for them to learn. 

My goal with the Stand Up Desk is to keep my students from feeling fatigued and have the ability to maintain focus throughout the day. The time they spend on task will increase their work completion and higher scores. The Stand Up Desk will allow those who work best on their feet to sustain and be more productive during the school day. 

Thank you again to all the donors to the Goddard Education Foundation, your gift is impacting students every day in Goddard Public Schools!