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Danielle Vequist

Portable Pedal Machines

In an effort to increase physical activity and improve academic performance, Mrs. Vequist, a PT at Clark Davidson Elementary received an Innovative Teacher Grant for 15 portable exercise pedal machines for students to utilize during academic learning opportunities in the classroom. 

“The Pedal to Learn Program will implement physical activity during academic instruction. The students can use these portable exercise machines when working on lessons that do not require paper and pencil”, says Mrs. Vequist. It's a way to keep students' bodies moving while their brains can remain focused, a task all teachers know can be a struggle. Creating a physical outlet where students will have more movement opportunities during the school day will help enhance academic performance by improving attention, cognitive function, and working memory. 

Students were pedaling almost as quickly as their brains were spelling words in their Reading class at Clark Davidson Elementary. The attention was evident and the smiles on students’ faces inspiring. Learning in new and innovative ways, and helping to provide students with all the tools they need to make learning a positive experience is just on of the ways Mrs. Vequist hopes her Pedal to Learn program will impact students in Goddard Public Schools. 

Thank you Mrs. Vequist for inspiring minds and expanding possibilities with your Innovative Teacher Grant.