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Sarah Ashcraft

Bass Guitars

It's amazing to witness the first time a student experiences something brand new to them. The excitement and feeling they get is something that will stay with them for life. We were fortunate enough to see that expression of joy on the 20+ students from Mrs. Ashcrafts’' 4th-grade music class at Apollo Elementary when they picked up and played 3 brand-new electric bass guitars provided by the Goddard Education Foundation.

After playing the bass guitar for the first time, Barley Benbrook, a 4th-grade student, said, " it was fun and easy. This could be something I would be interested in playing." Another student, "Kenston Pauly said, "this is exciting. It's not something you just hear, it's an instrument you can feel."

You could definitely feel the bass notes, coming out of the amplifiers and reverberating off the classroom walls. "It brings a new level of excitement and engagement to our program. New instruments give us one more 'candle' to help light up the passion that students have for music. We are grateful to the Goddard Education Foundation supporters for this inspiring opportunity for students to 'Rock' in our classroom.

Mini Electric Keyboards

Sarah Ashcraft, Music teacher at Apollo Elementary said, “The piano is one of the most versatile instruments in music, it is my intention that by the time students leave Apollo, they have firsthand knowledge of playing ukuleles, drum set, guitar and piano. I want students to have real, instrumental experiences that empower their musical creativity. I want to set students up to understand how songs are put together and how each instrument plays a part.”

Having the keyboards in class has brought a new level of music exploration to our students.  They are actually going online to find their own music to play, along with what is assigned during class.  The Music App students are more aware of how music is created and performed, and they are more appreciative of the work performers have done to bring music into our lives.  Learning to read music on a staff has also helped with students’ ability to identify note names and rhythm patterns. 

Thank you to the Goddard Education Foundation for affording our teachers the opportunities to create lasting impactful experiences for our students!”