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Goddard Public Schools have a rich heritage,

we are excited to tell its stories and reunite those that have been a part to build its legacy.

If you are interested in joining the Goddard Alumni Association  OR serving on a committee,  please fill out this form.

This Alumni Association will be a place for you to connect with fellow alumni outside of just your reunions, to be able to network with other alumni - supporting one another in business, to reflect on your memories, and to connect with your teachers and administrators.

Steering COmmittee

We also need your help in connecting with Goddard alumni to let them know about this exciting announcement. Please share this on social media with your fellow classmates.

The Goddard Education Foundation is proud to partner with the Goddard Public Schools Alumni Association to provide support and staffing to help engage ALL Goddard Public Schools’ alumni.

Go. Fight. Win!

Every great journey begins with the first step.



As a donor of Goddard Education Foundation, you’re more than a traveling companion. You’re a supportive partner who expands educational opportunities for all who blaze a trail through USD 265. The destination will be different for each, but the goal is the same: become educated for lifelong success. Join the journey today.

Please contact Dane Baxa, Executive Director of the Goddard Education Foundation at 785-577-5817 or if you have any questions, and on behalf of the Goddard Education Foundation, thank you again for joining us on this incredible journey to educate 6,000 students for lifelong success!



Girls walking into school



That first small step of a Goddard Public Schools student stands as a bold commitment to learn, to grow, and to expand their mind. They engage in educational experiences, forging ahead along the path of learning as they shape their future.

Please follow along and share social media posts from the Goddard Education Foundation Facebook and Twitter pages for more alumni announcements, event information, and ways you can engage in Goddard Public Schools.

The mission of the Goddard Education Foundation (GEF) is to provide resources designed to enrich educational opportunities to the students of USD 265 through an independent nonprofit community-based organization.