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Samantha Lampe


Rave – O! It’s a WORD party!

Samantha Lampe, Apollo Elementary School Instructional Support Teacher, is implementing a new reading program called Rave-O.

She said, “This program helps students develop an organization/recall structure in their brains. Like we remember School House Rock songs, Rave-O allows students to remember components of reading, grammar, fluency, writing, etc., that will stick with them.”

It was fun to see the students engaged and excited to learn new words and word meanings. The students were able to draw connections between words in a way that they couldn’t before, and you could easily see the joy on their faces when they would have a correct answer.

Thank you to Samantha Lampe for looking into new tools to help the growing needs of your students! We greatly appreciate the hundreds of Goddard Education Foundation supporters who contributed to the educational health of USD 265!