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Heather Potter

Reporting for Representation – What I Wish I Knew

Thanks to the donors of the Goddard Education Foundation, Heather Potter, Goddard Middle School, Spanish and Computer Applications teacher is introducing a completely new program to her students and fellow teachers. ‘Reporting for Representation – What I Wish I Knew’ is a program designed to highlight the diversity of our students and staff and increase cultural awareness and empathy at Goddard Middle School.

She said, “In today’s world we are faced with a desire, need, and urge to celebrate our diversity. More than ever, we need to be teaching our students that different does not always mean bad and that we should embrace and celebrate our differences. This program attempts to give all students a glimpse into the lives of a few so that they may grow their sense of empathy and cultural education. Highlighting the diversity of our students is done in several different ways academically, and through athletics, but this would be a glimpse into culture and understanding. It is innovative because it recognizes a current need, uses resources that can be reused and opens a door for both students and staff to bring their backgrounds in to the foreground.”

Thank you Heather for recognizing a need and meeting it in not only a creative way but one that is so inclusive to so many.