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Gretchen Bixler

Ukuleles for Everyone

“Ukuleles for Everyone”

Uke lessons are a way to reach the non-traditional student who loves music and wants to learn something new. Also, students often do not have access to multiple music classes. If a student wants to be a part of multiple facets of our department, they must participate in extra-curricular musical opportunities. Performance-based classes are not where every student feels comfortable displaying their abilities.

I am modeling my ideas after Tri-M chapter events in other states. Tri-M national guidelines require service projects for our chapters. We want to take the service project on step further to make music available to the entire student body and faculty. It is our hope to make the non-traditional music offering available to everyone once our music students know enough to help assist ukulele teachers, or to teach the beginners in the future. 

As one student put it, “Music means happiness and bringing joy to people’s lives.” She was adamant to let us know Mrs. Bixler is “AWESOME!”