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Keyboards in Music Class

Mrs. Mann has created an environment rich in music-making. With the help of an Innovative Teacher Grant, she was able to purchase additional keyboards for her students. This innovative approach to music captures students that might typically struggle academically or socially and builds upon their successes to create environments rich in collaboration, teamwork, and leadership. “The response and excitement of bringing these instruments into my classroom has been quite overwhelming, besides the musical benefits of being able to teach and learn musical concepts, keyboards provide a fun way to learn that no student wants to miss out on”, says Mann.

Carter Molina, a 4th Grade student at Amelia Earhart shared, “Mrs. Mann is the best music teacher. When I saw the new keyboards I was so excited to play. Now I can already play with 2 hands!”  Inspiring her student's love of music is just the beginning, many students go on to inquire about how they can continue to receive more musical experiences outside of school. Mrs. Mann hopes that students involved in programs like this will go on to enroll in music opportunities in higher numbers as they progress through the intermediate, middle, and high school levels as well. 

A message to our generous donors from a 4th-grade student, “Thank you for donating the keyboards, they are the best instrument I’ve ever played!” Creative and inspiring opportunities like this would not be possible without innovative teachers like Mrs. Mann and all the generous donors who make Innovative Teacher grants possible.