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Sensory Path

Congratulations to Kathy Clapp, Explorer Elementary PreK and Preschool teacher for receiving a Goddard Education Foundation grant!

Sitting in a classroom for eight hours can be taxing for anyone. This is especially true when you’re 5 years old! Kathy and her team have figured out a way to use space they already have and add a sensory path for students to work off excess energy and develop their gross motor skills.

A sensory path is a series of guided movements for kids to follow, shown by markings on the ground or walls. Kathy has included sight words, colors and numbers on the pathway for students to work on as they are skipping through the path. Students are then able to return to class with the ability to regain focus and excel at their daily tasks.

Thank you to the donors of the Goddard Education Foundation! You are helping to keep the students of USD 265 on track!