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Sensory Fidget Toys

Kari Sutter, Clark Davidson Elementary, teacher is meeting students with a curriculum designed at his/her instructional level to ensure every student finds academic, social/emotional, and personal success!   


Students readily use sensory items purchased out of pocket or made by the teachers. These items are worn down and well-loved. Parents have also donated fidget items and small things for classes at the beginning of the year.  


When asked how these utensils are so much more than toys Kari responded, “Toys are OK! There is a lot of learning and creativity done in unstructured play. When a student is in need of having a difficult conversation, a fidget toy can help distract so they are then able to speak without the added pressure of looking the teacher in the eyes. They help educators connect with their students in so many ways.” 


One student said, “Sometimes I come into class stressed and these fidget items help take the stress away so I can focus on my work.” 


Several teachers are benefitting from the donations that are made to the Goddard Education Foundation each week. Thank you for doing your part!