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Non-Fiction Reading Series

Do you remember the first book you fell in love with?  

Reading opens new worlds and can make the mundane magical.  Heather Wood, Clark Davidson Elementary's second-grade teacher, has dug around and found a non-fiction reading series that is built to capture the attention of a second-grade student. 

Heather hopes that by introducing these non-fiction books, she can help break the idea that non-fiction isn’t fun. In second grade the students are more aware of reading levels and their abilities in reading. Heather’s goal is to broaden her student’s horizon when it comes to picking out a book and to see improved reading comprehension and fluency. 

She said, “I want to see the sparkle in the eye of every student that they have accomplished growth in reading.”  

Because of the donors of the Goddard Education Foundation Heather is one step closer to seeing that sparkle!