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Rachel Abdulaziz

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

The Goddard Education Foundation is committed to supporting innovative opportunities to grow Goddard Students, both educationally and developmentally. Rachel Abdulaziz, a Social Worker at Clark Davidson Elementary, knows that early childhood is a period of rapid brain development that paves the way for growth and self-regulation skills. 

With her Innovative Teacher Grant, Abdulaziz was able to purchase a curriculum that will aid early childhood students with social and emotional tools and sensory items that help facilitate techniques and discussion in her classroom sessions. “Self-regulation is essential in the learning environment and can also affect children’s overall mental health” shared Mrs. Abdulaziz. This program will help provide early intervention services that will positively change developmental paths and improve outcomes for children, a benefit Mrs. Abdulaziz is excited to see unfold. 

Thank you to the Goddard Education Foundation, the generous supporters, and staff like Mrs. Abdulaziz that always seek to inspire minds and expand possibilities for all Goddard Public Schools Students.